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Fox Plumbing & Heating has been Repairing
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Clean and Working Water Lines Keep Your Family Safe

Damages and Leaks from Water Lines

Seattle Water Line Repair or ReplacementWater lines tend to breakdown over the years, and when they begin to go they can cause damage to your home’s foundation and landscape, which will also lead to high water bills. This is because many homes in Ballard and Seattle were built before the mid 1960’s.  Water lines in Ballard are susceptible to rusting and leaking because they are usually made of galvanized pipes.  Also, galvanized piping is only rated for 50 years of service.

How Can You Tell if You Need Water Line Replacement or Repairs?

When your home is in need of repiping, there are a couple common signs. By knowing what these signs are, you will be able to address your piping needs before they cause damage in your home.

  • Rust Colored Water - One of the first most common signs that you need to repipe your house is if the color of the water coming out of your faucets is not crystal clear. If the water color runs a brownish tint, almost rust colored, you need to quickly consider repiping because it could be rust washing off the insides of your pipes.
  • Low Water Pressure - Another common sign that you need to consider repiping your home is if your water pressure has gone down significantly and stayed down. Low water pressure can cause washing machines to fill up slowly, shower heads to not spray as hard, and faucets to barely trickle.
  • Water Leaks - Leaking pipes are also a common sign that it is time to repipe your house. If you are constantly repairing leaks, as quickly as you get one fixed another one happens, it is time to repipe your house. Properly functioning pipes do not leak constantly.
  • Old Piping - If your home is 40-50 years old and has never been repiped, this is another sign you need to consider repiping your home. Pipes are like many other things in homes, and once they reach between 40 - 50 years old, it is usually time to consider replacing them.

Time to replace or repipe water lines in your home? Fox Plumbing & Heating is here to help. We offer high quality, affordable water line and repiping services. Fox will help restore the functionality and peace of mind for your home in Seattle or anywhere in King County.

A broken main water line to your home or business will cause major water damage and problems. When you have a water line leak, Fox focuses on correcting and restoring water to your home and creating peace of mind.  Mainline repairs traditionally require special tools, professionals, and abilities. Remember to hire experienced, dependable plumbing and water line professionals. Like our 'Dream Team' with over 30 years of water line repair and replacement experience.  Our technicians can locate, repair, and replace your water line in a matter of days.  Your Fox water line specialist is extensively trained in trenchelss water line service. In many cases, trenchless technology can be used to replace your water line and prevent the damage and mess of digging up your yard.

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When You’re Ready for the Best “Think Out Of the Box... Talk to Fox!”

What does David Brown have to say about water line repiping?

Here is an interview with David Brown about water line replacement, and the technology that Fox Plumbing & Heating is using today.

Fox Plumbing & Heating Provides Award Winning Service

When Fox Plumbing and Heating provides service repair to your water line or sewer line we provide our customers with a warranty that will cover parts and labor, should anything go wrong.  We’ve been replacing water lines and sewer lines using trenchless technology for over 30 years, and we can usually have the line replaced for you in as little as half of a day to several days. This depends on the depth and length needed.Mini-seesnake

Fox's technicians can quickly locate and repair or replace your water service problem.  We have specialists who are trained in locating, servicing and acquiring the proper authorization from the local municipalities.

In the many cases where trenchless technology can be used to replace water or sewer line for your home it will save you money.  Our trenchless technology spares you the cost, damage and mess of digging up your yard when a water or sewer line replacement is deemed necessary.

Award Winning Customer Service

Angie's List 2013 Super Service AwardFox Plumbing & Heating places an emphasis on training and customer relationships with our neighbors and customers in Ballard and the Greater King County Area.  We’ve won awards from Angie’s List, Seattle’s Talk of the Town and the U.S. Commerce Association for excellence in customer service and business.  And in 2013 we were awarded the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.

ridgid_logoOur Plumbing Professionals have weekly trainings from the top vendors in the country to help insure that you get the best service, and most knowledgeable expertise the first time.  Fox Plumbing & Heating takes pride in knowing that we only provide the best products in the industry.

We’re Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Fox Plumbing & Heating Professionals are always ready for your call.  Our team are fully stocked with the tools needed to service your plumbing, heating, cooling or water line needs day or night. We are a one stop service and installation company for your sewer, plumbing, heating, cooling, or water needs, that’s why we say,

"Think Out of the Box… Talk to Fox!"

Our Customers Keep Talking About Us

Friends, neighbors and customers keep telling us what a great job that we've been doing and you can see more of our testimonials here.  Below are testimonials from our previous customers from Ballard and all over King County.

Fox is Our Water Line Specialist
Jerrod from Fox Saved Us and Water
Written by: Alan B
Date Published: 06/21/2017
Water was running into my basement through the area where the water main enters the house. I called Fox Plumbing & Heating and a Service Technician, Jerrod N, came out the same day. Jerrod stayed that evening until the problem was corrected. He had to dig down about 3 feet next to the foundation of my home. Jerrod not only fixed the problem, he was extraordinarily careful with my landscaping. When he was done, he put everything back as it was before the problem. I've had lots of experience with Service Technicians from other companies, but I've never had such great customer service. Jerrod did an awesome job while being polite and professional the entire time. I will definitely use Fox Plumbing & Heating exclusively in the future. Thank you, Jerrod. You're the best!
5 / 5 stars