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Seattle Plumbing and Heating Blog

Going Tankless in Seattle

Fox Customers Find Tankless Water Heaters of Great Value

More and more friends, family and neighbors of Fox in Seattle, Bellevue and King County are choosing to replace their tank water heaters with new tankless water heaters. But how do you know if that is the right choice for your family? Our...
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2016 Toilet Trends For The Home

Toilet Designs and Trends for 2016


Fox Plumbers Share the Top Toilet Trends for 2016

Toto_HeatedDesign trends extend throughout the house, even to your bathroom fixtures. If you are thinking about remodeling in 2016, or just getting a new toilet,...
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Fox’s Smart Guide to Water Heater Tank Replacement

5 Things to Ask Before You Install a New Water Heater Tank

  Bradford WhiteIt’s been a great trip to visit friends but you are happy to finally be home, only to be greeted by water rushing down the driveway! Water heaters seem to pick...
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5 Things to Know Before You Install a Gas Furnace

Fox’s Smart Guide to Furnace Upgrades

Welcome to winter in the Northwest. The heat is on and you might be wondering, is my furnace going to make it through this El Nino winter? The average gas furnace lasts about 15 years. If you have an older furnace or are considering an upgrade...
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