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Seattle Plumbing and Heating Blog

Seattle Side Sewer

Fox has the Facts on Your Seattle Side Sewer Responsibility

Seattle and King County friends, neighbors and family, the City of Seattle and Fox Plumbing & Heating wants you to know all about your side sewer.


Because even though the side sewer connects to the city sewer system, it’s actually your property and responsibility as a...
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Drains, Rains & Water Lines, 7 Things To Help Be Prepared

Fox Plumbing’s 7 Fall Preparedness Recommendations

The Seattle long range forecast may be drier overall, but with the approaching El Nino in the Pacific our storm season may be intense.  All it takes is one clogged drain to back water up into your home and create a disaster. It’s easy to...
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Why Do We Call It HVAC?

HVAC is More Than Just Home Heating Equipment And Fox Knows That!

HVAC is a common abbreviation that many people associate with heating, but what does it really stand for? The term HVAC is short for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Okay, heating and air conditioning are no surprise, but ventilation?  Here’s why...
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Fall Water Conservation Update for Seattle

Seattle’s Best Options for Saving Water and Money

Even though it has been raining this week in Seattle, our drought is far from over. According to the state Department of Ecology our rivers and streams are at historic lows and 85% of the state is considered to be in an “extreme”...
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