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What to expect in a plumbing warranty.

I think Fox Plumbing and Heating has the best written warranty in the industry.
All of our procedures ― drain cleaning, faucets and fixture replacement, re- piping, new water services, hot water heaters, and new sewer lines ― are backed up by written warranties.
Each procedure has its own specific warranty, providing from 6 months to 50 years coverage of our work.
Consumers should expect a minimum of one-year warranty on most repairs, with the exception of drain cleaning. Fox Plumbing offers a 6-month warranty on drain cleaning, although many other companies offer only 30 days. Re-piping and modernization of plumbing and fixtures should be covered by a minimum of 12 months on any warranty.

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  1. Wow! A 50 year warranty on your work? I'm inspired! Which jobs do you offer a 50 year warranty on? Thanks for the inspirational post - I agree! Good plumbing work should come with a written guarantee! Regards, Plumber to the Rescue, Sydney
  2. We just started implementing 50 year warranties on our pipe relining & blocked drain services here in Brisbane Aus, great to see others embracing such solid warranties on their work. Kudos to you guys. Happy plumbing.
  3. Hey plumbing companies, take notes! Great example of the way business should be done!

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