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Are you looking for a home service company you can rely on? "Think Out of the Box... Talk to Fox"' and call (206) 654-4990 and let our experts provide you with over 50 years of plumbing, sewer, water line repair heating, and cooling experience today!

When Fox Plumbing & Heating started in 1964, our goal was to set the premium standard in customer service for plumbing and heating service in Seattle and all of King County.

Through our professional plumbing, sewer, water line, heating, and cooling services, we still set the standard for #1 in service more than 50 years later. This is shown by our customer loyalty and the great things that our community continues to say about Fox Plumbing & Heating. Our friends, family and neighbors are our number one advertisement, and will honesty tell you that we treat all of our customers like our own family. From our personalized services, to our affordable rates, when you work with the professionals at Fox, it will be the best decision that you've ever made. We even use state-of-the-art technology to make the payment process quick and easy.

Just read our reviews and then give us a call today. No matter what issues you may be facing, rest assured that our experts will be able to solve them, guaranteed!


Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star


Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star

Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star

Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star


Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star

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Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star



Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star



Our Average Rating
Fox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating StarFox Plumbing & Heating Star

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Average rating:  
 274 reviews
by Christopher Glen on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Mike's the Best!

We have a custom rainwater collection system that supplies water to our washing machine and toilets. We needed an upgraded check valve installed and found it quite difficult to locate a plumbing company with expertise with this type of system until we found FOX. Their mechanic, Mike Blake, came out to see the system and within minutes had the new parts in place. He was very easy to work with, polite and seemed genuinely interested in making sure things were working correctly before he left. Furthermore, he left the workspace all clean and tidy after he finished up. Great work and we'd definitely call upon FOX for any future plumbing needs given their timeliness, thoroughness and the breadth of their service.

Fox plumbing & heating

Serviceman came one day after my call. He was professional and went right to work fixing my problem. I have used them in the past with nothing but good things to say. Unlike some companies, they give you an estimate over the phone and don’t need to come out before hand to review the project. Courteous and efficient service!

by David N Walton on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Once again we want to thank Fox Plumbing for a great experience. Theknowledgeable, professional, efficient skills of Jerrod makes our plumbingrepair and problems disappear. Jerrod's courteous and pleasant personality is a genuine pleasure and he is the first person we ask for atFox.

by John & Kathy S. on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing issue

We have used Fox Plumbing several times thru the years of plumbing problems. They are the company that does a great job. Their techs show up on time, they are very professional. They give us good advice and correct the problem within a short time. Eric was here to unclog our kitchen drain and cleaned up as if he was not even here. We will continue to call Fox whenever we need a plumber. Thank you!!

by Eunice Verstegen on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Professional, Excellent Service

One day the when I flipped the switch to turn on our gas fireplace, it didn't go on. I researched it on-line and tried to find a DIY fix, but not possible. Then I started researching where to get service and it was tough to find a place that would work on a fireplace they didn't install, had good reviews, and could come soon. We're extremely pleased we found Fox. We only had to wait a week for an appointment. The technician, Rick Valdez, was on time and we received a call when he was on his way, as well as an email to notify us. Rick was courteous, took his shoes off before entering, and carefully examined the fireplace and analyzed the problem. He provided more than one option for a fix, with his recommendation. Before he left, he contacted the vendor for parts, and told us the price, and when he'd be able to come back and complete the repair. It took two days to get parts, and our next appointment was within 4 days - and no surprises with cost. I had compared prices with other vendors, and the rate was comparable or less than others. Finding such excellent service for an issue we had never experienced, was a big relief and I've already told our neighbors (with the same fireplace) about Fox and will use them again when the need arises for any plumbing issues.

by Teresa Velasquez on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Emergency Plumbing!

I had an emergency with my water heater about 8 months ago and then a more recently toilet leak problem just recently. Both times the same FOX professional showed up. He was friendly, informative, and very helpful. He wasn't pushy and happy to provide options and let me do my own research. I haven't user other companies, but FOX prices seem very reasonable. I highly recommend them.

by Pesha Klein on Fox Plumbing & Heating

This is the third time I have used Fox Plumbing for a plumbing issue. Today, Kit from your office installed a new hot water tank. He was very efficient, on time and I am very happy with the service. He was happy to move the junk from around the work area as my back was out and he put all the stuff back in a neat and orderly way. I will always use Fox Plumbing. Another happy customer. It's good to have a dependable company to call for my plumbing needs.

by Gloria Grandaw on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Wondefrful Experience

I just had my water heater replaced by Fox Plumbing ... and I could not have been more pleased with the service and results. Rick V. and Sergio were on time, and very friendly, professional, efficient and answered all my questions ... and they were just nice. I will definitely refer Fox to everyone I know who needs help. I was also thrilled that I was able to get the service so quickly. I also want to say that Stephanie and Teresa were very helpful when I spoke with them on the phone. Thanks for the excellent service.

by Alan P MacKenzie on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Job Fox Plumbing

I called Fox Plumbing because I was very pleased with work they had done at my house in 2015. I asked them this time to inspect a cracked joint in a sewer pipe in the crawl space under my house. Their plumber arrived at the agreed time last week and removed the cracked joint, replaced it with new parts and re-suspended the reconstructed sewer pipe. The pipe is now suspended in the crawl space correctly and in accordance with the best professional standards. Than you, Fox.

by Tanya Houseman on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Problem fixed!

I found a leak under my sink and called Fox Plumbing. I was able to get an appointment the same day and Jerrod replaced the non-working parts. He was thorough, efficient and good natured. I will definitely use Fox Plumbing again.

New Water Heater Installation

I had my water heater replaced by Fox. The technician called at 8:58am for my 9am appt saying that he had a flat tire and would be over right after - not a big deal.I recently had a new expansion tank installed earlier this year for $235 however since the service was a flat rate I didn't get any sort of discount for not needing a new one.He suggested I also get a drip pan, which he said would be about $20 so I decided to get it but then I was charged $46.59 for it.The service was fine - I think I could have found a place that wouldn't have charged me for the expansion tank and been a little more honest about the drip pan cost.

by Ron Jones on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Excellent service

We had our furnace inspected and checked up for the coming winter and couldn't have been more pleased. The technician, Daniel Tinkler, called while enroute and arrived as scheduled. He was courteous and completed the furnace check in less than an hour. Daniel told me about where to order filters in the future at a better price than I've been paying. He also told me about the 3 year agreement I could and did sign up for. By signing up yesterday's service was complimentary! The entire experience was GREAT and I look forward to working with Fox and Daniel as needed in the future.

by Christina Gilman on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Yay new water heater!

We had Fox install a replacement water heater (the old one was old - this was a pre-emptive move) and are quite pleased with the results. Our system drives both the potable hot water and the heat for the house. Corey was super thorough, recommending maintenance work for best long-term performance, and staying late to make sure that both systems were working. We're very happy with Fox!

by Freddie Larsson on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We had an issue with our toilet leaking. We called Fox and got an appointment right away. Everything sorted, nice work, good advise etc. We have used Fox for years and never any issues. Thanks.

by Robert Siverts on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing repair

I have used Fox Plumbing exclusively for all my plumbing needs. When I called to make an appointment to unclog a kitchen drain, the office staff is always friendly, courteous and efficient. I received an email that the tech was on his way followed up by a phone call from Mike Barr 15 minutes before his on time arrival. He was very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. He explained all possibilities and within 30 minutes water was flowing freely in the kitchen drain. As usual they did a excellent job in which I would always recommend Fox Plumbing.

by Kirit Mookerjee on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Backup issue

Konrad came out for a plumbing backup on 10/27. He was punctual and called ahead to let me know he was on the way. Backup issue resolved for now with a suggestion to get additional service. As I was billed by the hour, I note that there was digging of a trench that turned out to be unnecessary when previously installed "clear-cut" was located.

Price tag too high

75 gallon water heater needed to be replaced - work was done well BUT the price tag was way too high ! Used Fox plumbing before, and they were much more reasonable then. Will NOT use them again and recommend future customers compare shop prices before agreeing to the final costs!

by Maryvern Loomis on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I had to think about some of the things asked for above:Website: ? Review Title: ?However, I do know how many rating stars to mark: all of them:And, I am human.In these times, now, of receiving low-qualified, indifferent, careless, and sometimes unethical, treatment from businesses it has been a pleasure to find Fox. Each person I have talked to on the phone has been cheerful and helpful - from the first phone call - to answering my questions, scheduling, preparing everything needed for a water heater, and permit - and particularly the work done by Corey to install the new water heater and to retrofit two Toto toilets. Thank you all.

by Pesha Klein on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Leak Repairs

I rely on Fox Plumbing and Heating and they always fix the problem, quickly and properly the first time. Corey is very kind and professional technician and very knowledgeable. Today he troubleshooted several leaks and a loud vibrating noise coming from one of the faucets. He fixed them and also found that one of the leaks was due to how I was shutting off the shower, saving me alot of money. He always takes the time to show me what he found and how he is fixing it. As a women homeowner,I appreciate that he treats me with respect and does not dismiss me. I highly recommend this company and will continue to use them for for all my plumbing and heating needs.

by Hannah Wildman on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Wonderful Service! Problem Finally Fix

I called Fox because the plumbing company I had worked with for a while wasn't able to sort out the problem and was very expensive. Corey Nelson from Fox came out quickly, was very friendly, professional and extremely helpful! He showed me and explained the problems, fixed them, and cleaned up after himself! Thank you so much, I will be calling Corey the next time we need a plumber!

by Sheila Connolly on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I appreciated the work that Mike did on my plumbing problem. He gave a comprehensive overview of why there was a problem, which went way beyond the immediate "fix-it" problem. He looked at the original construction of the issue, and his research showed that there was need for future work. He reassured me, however, that my difficulty was not overwhelming in the immediate future. Thank you!

by Cecil Mullins on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Problem solved

Our main sewer line was plugged making our entire house system unusable. I called Fox and was scheduled for between 3:00 and 5:00 P.M. Josh arrived shortly after 3:00 and in little more than an hour had the problem solved. No muss, no fuss!

by Sandrine Hocde on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Maintenance Heating Furnace

I called Fox Plumbing and Heating to have our heating furnace checked and cleaned. Fox was available to do it in one or two weeks. They called to remind me of the service a day or two in advance. Daniel, the technician, warned me 30 minutes before showing up. Daniel was on time, courteous and professional. I had ordered air filters online but unfortunately they did not fit, even though they supposedly were the correct size. Daniel helped me find the exact air filters needed for our furnace. I ordered them online because Fox doesn't carry them either. The air filter is now in place and is what I needed thanks to Daniel!We recently moved to Bellevue, WA, and I was stunned to see what is typically charged for an annual maintenance. However Fox Heating was competitive so I will call them again for my future Heating or Plumbing needs!

by D.O. Walsh on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Excellent service from Fox Plumbing and Heating

We had a great experience with Fox Plumbing and Heating. The technician was on time, knowledgable and professional. He took time to show us things we didn't know about our thermostat and furnace. We will certainly use Fox Plumbing and Heating in the future.

by David E. on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great service

I highly recommend Dave B. for your plumbing repair & Rick V. for natural gas repair. They worked on my home for 2 days & went the extra mile to make sure our home is in proper working order.Thanks Dave & Rick

by Harold Eley on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We always call Fox for any plumbing issues that come up. We've used them for several years and always have the same professional,courteous, & friendly service from the office staff and then from the service techs that arrive at the scheduled time. Konrad & Eric were the techs who came today and replaced my refrigerator water line. Konrad right away told me what they would do and what parts they would use and about 30 minutes later walked out the door. Konrad & Eric both held up to the standards that we've come to enjoy from Fox employees.They were efficient, worked well together, were friendly and courteous and you wouldn't know they were there after they left. Use Fox for any plumbing needs, it'll make you look smart!

by Melissa Pearce on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Quick and good

Had a major issue with the toilet on our ground floor. Let's just say that it was completely out of commission and I recommended to all family members to not even enter the bathroom. Fox checked out the situation and replaced the toilet within hours. No more mess or stink. Thank you.

by Scott & Suzie on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Quick and Complete

We called Fox on a Monday because we learned that an upstairs toilet was leaking into our downstairs. The technician Gerald arrived on Tuesday morning as planned, and took care of everything in a superb manner. I was very pleased that he discussed the issue with me, and vacuumed out the old toilet so as not to allow any more leaking water into our downstairs area. Gerald was a very good communicator and an effective worker. I was also so glad that he took away the old toilet and the new toilet box!

by Mark MacDonald on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Thorough & honest

We had FOX check out our furnace about a year after they installed a new gas water heater. Water heater exchange went without a hitch and was less costly than feared. The furnace check also went smoothly. FOX specialist wore booties in the house, said all was well (refreshing change after an unnamed source reviewed it 5 years ago & told us we needed a new condenser within the year). We find FOX to be very reasonably priced on all their work and, more importantly, very honest in their dealings with customers. I've referred every HOA member to call them.

by Michael Lettini on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing Repair

As usual they did an excellent job.

Great Service

Water was running into my basement through the area where the water main enters the house. I called Fox Plumbing & Heating and a Service Technician, Jerrod N, came out the same day. Jerrod stayed that evening until the problem was corrected. He had to dig down about 3 feet next to the foundation of my home. Jerrod not only fixed the problem, he was extraordinarily careful with my landscaping. When he was done, he put everything back as it was before the problem. I've had lots of experience with Service Technicians from other companies, but I've never had such great customer service. Jerrod did an awesome job while being polite and professional the entire time. I will definitely use Fox Plumbing & Heating exclusively in the future. Thank you, Jerrod.  You're the best!

Hello Alan, Thank you for the wonderful review of Jerrod. We'll be sure to let him know what a great job he has done.

by Walter B on Fox Plumbing & Heating

While reflooring the bathroom we discovered that we needed a plumber to relocate the toilet. A quick call to Fox brought a response within 3 hours and the needed work was done within 2 hours. Could not be more pleased with the service. WB

Thank you for the kind words. We will be sure to let our team know of the great job that they did for you.

Thank you so much!

Konrad and Eric, who came to find and fix my problem, were most courteous. They let me know what the problem was not, then when they found where it was located and proceeded to clean it. finally, they cleaned up after finishing the job - very nice!

by Peter K. on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Collapsed Sewer Line

On Monday 4/3/17 Ryan first snaked my blocked sewer line and from his experience believed it to be collapsed. Konrad arrived with a camera and a water pressure jet sprayer and validated Ryan's assessment on 4/5/17. On Thursday Konrad and Eric under Project Manager, Rick's supervision, located and uncovered both ends of the line to prepare for the "bursting" of the line which began on Friday 4/7/17. Once accomplished, Konrad and Eric repaired the line and readied the project for City inspection the following Monday morning, 4/10/17, which their work passed by 11:00 am. They refilled the dig and were completed with the project by 3:00 pm. My experience with the entire Fox team, from Teressa, Tamira, Kat, to Rick, Ryan, Konrad and Eric, was impressive. Their work was professional and their attention to safety exemplary. They also gave me Fox Plumbing hats! I recommend Fox for their experience, knowledge, attention to detail, safety, and overall affability. This was my only interaction with this company. None of my friends or family work for Fox, however, I will recommend Fox to them based on my experience. The job was costly, but good plumbing work isn't free.

Hi Peter, Thank you for the wonderful review of our team. We will be sure to share it with everyone here at Fox. We really hope that you enjoy the hats!

New water heater

I had a new water heater installed on Friday, April 7. The Plumbing Technician Rick V. was right on schedule. He did the measurements & went back to the shop to get the right size heater. He & his assistant who I'm sorry I don't remember his name. They completed the work quickly & efficiently & answered all my questions. I would use their services in the future & also refer my friends.

by Robert Sharer on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service

When I discovered that my water heater was leaking into our garage, I called Fox, as we have used them in the past. Corey told me that he could come out immediately but that since it was a Sunday night if we could wait until Monday morning, it would save us over $100. We appreciated his honesty, and he came the next morning and repaired our water heater successfully.

One day in February, my furnace would not turn on. I called Fox - Daniel responded, quickly figured out the problem, and fixed it. He kept me informed, provided helpful information, and did his work with a friendly and professional manner. I felt comfortable having him in the house, and appreciated his efficient skills for identifying and fixing the problem quickly. Thank you for the great service.

Hi Julie, Thank you for letting us know about Daniel. We're always happy to hear that our employees do a great job.

Kind regards,
The Fox Team

Thanks Fox!

I appreciate that the staff at Fox Plumbing are so prompt and professional.

Hello Liz, Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and review our service. We greatly appreciate your time.

Gerald did a wonderful job!

I have used Fox Plumbing and Heating several times, and I'm a huge fan of your prompt and punctual nature. Gerald came to my house on time this morning and did a wonderful job. He put on those footie things each time he came and left the home. I was also pleased with the quick nature of the office being able to schedule someone for my service needs.

Professional service

In order to install a new refrigerator, we found ourselves needing some plumbing work done first. We've used Fox in the past and called them this time too. Jerrod showed up quickly (same day), diagnosed the problem and was back first thing the next morning with the needed parts. He was professional, courteous and worked cleanly and quickly. I would definitely recommend him and Fox to friends and family.

by Bruce Glaman on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fox Plumbing & Heating

We needed emergency plumbing service today due to a severe leak in our kitchen faucet, and you guys were awesome! You even accommodated having to come back later in the day, and the new faucet was put in fast and efficiently. Ryan was terrific! Thanks for such great service!

Fox Plumbing and Heating

I called Fox this morning with a plumbing issue in my attic, by 2pm the repairs were made all went well. The phone operator was professional and helpful. The plumber that came out was courteous, helpful and cleaned up after the job was done. I would definitely use Fox for any other plumbing issues that we encounter.

by Edna Chun on Fox Plumbing & Heating
What a relief!

The night before I was leaving on a trip, I noticed a leak in the cabinet under my kitchen sink. I couldn't just leave it and hope for the best; the neighbor's below me would not have been happy if I had. I called Fox and Ryan showed up shortly after. The 'leak' was more complex than I had thought, but Ryan checked and repaired all that was necessary. He explained everything to me, so I would know what he did. Ryan was prompt, helpful, friendly, professional, and a solution to my 'leak crisis.' Fox is my first choice from now on!

Cracked PRV

Called Fox late Friday afternoon and they had Jarrod here first thing Monday morning. Very pleasant to work with, had the value replaced and the area all cleaned up in two hours. Completely satisfied.

Super Fast

I had a very clogged deck drain which sits on top of a garage roof. There was 4 inches of standing water beneath the deck and sitting on the garage. It was spilling over the pan and seeping through little cracks in the garage wall. Many thanks to Konrad who was there within under an hour from my call to quickly and successfully unclog the drain. He was very friendly, polite, informative and most of all professional. Konrad also answered questions about a future bathroom remodel that we're planning. I definitely will call FOX for all my future plumbing needs.

by Christine on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service

I called Fox because water was backing up through my toilets and my shower drain. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. The plumber arrived right on time. He was very professional and competent, and he was very pleasant to deal with. I will recommend Fox to all of my neighbors and I won't call any other plumber now that I know how great Fox Plumbing is.

by Liz Connet on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Prompt Service

A house we had renovated and sold turned out to have a large tree root that had grown into the sewer line. It was an issue that needed to be addressed immediately. We got 3 bids. Fox provided the most reasonable bid and was the only one adequately staffed to do the work the next day. The Fox employee (super nice) came out the next morning and the sewer line section was replaced. The sale of the house was not delayed and we are happy customers!

by Kirsten Schuehle on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I've used Fox twice and they are amazing. My husband passed away recently so it's been hard to find a company that doesn't take advantage. They are kind, professional, on time. Pricing is better than what I've expected. Nothing but great to say about my experiences. Thanks Fox!

Fox Plumbing and Heating

Our heater stop working. I got an email when Chris was on his way and showed me his picture so I knew who to expect. He was prompt and did a great job! He was very nice and polite too!Being in customer service myself, it is nice to work with a company that does an efficient job with respectful employees that care about the work they do.Thank you Fox!

by Kelley Compogno on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great job Konrad

I have used fox plumbing several times and they have always been great. Konrad was my plumber this time and once again did a great job. Quick, easy, and efficient. Thanks Konrad and fox plumbing.

by Pamela Phipps on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We recently had flooding under our home because the very old sump pump seized up. Cory from Fox Plumbing came out the next day and redesigned the system with a new more efficient pump. Cory was personable, polite, respectful, and listened. We have used Fox Plumbing two times in the past and have always been completely satisfied. They are responsive, on time, expensive and well-worth it. Thank you Fox for your exceptional work.

by Rose Sheppard on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We used Fox last week to repair our toilet. The employee was on time, polite, and efficient.We always use Fox for jobs big and small. I highly recommend them.

by David Cummings on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Review of Fox Plumbing & Heating

We had an excellent experience with a service person from Fox Plumbing & Heating, who cleared a clogged toilet. He called to alert us of his imminent arrival before getting to our house, arrived on time, was courteous & professional, and he expertly solved the problem.

I recently had to have my water heater replaced and Jerrod was very professional, cordial, efficient, accommodating, kind, and consistent. Overall, I was extremely pleased with his service and the company.

Hi Joan,

thanks for the kind words about Jerrod, We will be sure to tell him about this ASAP.

Fox Plumbing & Heating Crew

Plumbing Leak in the Kitchen

I called Fox plumbing to repair a very bad leak under my kitchen sink, and I thought the leak was actually in the basement because that's where the water was coming out.When the plumber from Fox arrived, he was efficient, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable and found the leak in a very few minutes, and solved the problem in one-hour after arriving with the installation of a new faucet and sprayer. Thank you Fox Plumbing for all your help,Sandy

Dear Sandy,

Thank you for the kind words. We're always happy to help our friends, family and neighbors in King County. We'll be sure to pass on the kind words to your technician.

Fox Plumbing & Heating Crew

Jerrod came out to fix our leaking shower faucets and he was courteous, knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. He determined that several parts were badly worn, which was obvious when he showed us and had these on his truck. He was also able to close and open the original shutoff valves that we had thought were now inoperable due to their extreme tightness. We were very satisfied with tthe experience and result of his visit. My dad used Fox for many years and now I'll be doing the same. Thanks Fox (and Jerrod).

Hi Larry,

thank you so much for the positive review about Jarrod. We will be sure to share it with him ASAP.

Kind regards,
Fox Plumbing & Heating Crew

Love my new kitchen sink!!

I had a new kitchen sink installed by David A and he did a fantastic job. I couldn't be happier with the end result. David was very professional and friendly. He was right on time and finished the job in a very timely manner. The pipes under the sink were a mess at best and David worked his magic and it looks so much better not to mention it does not leak anymore. I will not hesitate to call FOX Plumbing & Heating in the future. I have already and will continue to recommend them to my friends and family.Thank you so much!!

Hi Deborah,

thank you for letting us know about David A. We will be sure to pass on the positive review to him.

Kind regards,
Fox Plumbing & Heating

Speedy, Professional Service!

A chronic kitchen sink draining issue was on the verge of becoming a crisis. I called Fox thinking an appointment was at least a week or two out. They sent a technician that afternoon! The technician was quick to assess and take care of the problem that included discussing various options for addressing the concern. We are now relieved to know we have avoided a plumbing crisis thanks to Fox. We are repeat customers and would never call any other resource.

Hi Beth,

thank you so much for the review. We appreciate the time that you took to fill out a review.

Kind regards,
Fox Plumbing & Heating

by Jeffrey L B on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Quick, friendly, professional

I would give Fox Plumbing 5 stars for their quick, friendly, and professional work, but it is a bit expensive.

Hi Jeffrey,
Thank you for the review. We're always happy to have feedback to take into account moving forward.

Kind regards,
Fox Plumbing & Heating

by Bette Allen on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Repair and Prevention

We were having issues with very low water pressure in our kitchen faucet. After we tried everything we could on our own, called Fox and Duston figured out what was wrong in no time. He also pointed out that one of our old galvanized pipes was so corroded on the inside that it would certainly cause more problems in the future. He was in no way pressuring us (forgive the pun) to replace the part, but we decided to go with preventative measures. We were pretty glad we did, when he showed us what the interior of our old pipe looked like.

by Drex DeFord on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Solved my unsolvable mystery!

Like a lot of guys, I googled my problem, determined to fix it myself. Turned out, I couldn't really FIND the problem after a long search. Called Fox, Jerrod showed up, and he had it figured out in no time. Great service, explained everything, and super fare price!Best of all, HOT water just in time for my mother-in-law's visit! Thanks Fox!

by Marissa Wenk on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water heater Fixed, on time,Friendly People,job done fast.

Got my water heater fixed,Konrad, is polite and nice,he came earlier than my original time schedule,done the job fast,i will totally recommend the Fox Plumbing and heating to my friends..thanks for making it convenient,fast and punctual people.God bless!

Hi Marissa,
Thank you for taking the time to write a review for our Fox Plumbing & Heating crew. We will be sure to share your positive thoughts with Konrad.

by Karin Kovach on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Speed Dial for "Go To" Plumbers

I was looking for a friendly, reliable plumbing service. I had them come to the house for a small job to see if I wanted to continue working with them. They were upbeat and treated my small project as if it were the most important project they were doing. I recently had them come to the house for a larger, more complicated one. James was friendly and communicated with us on our level. The quality of his work was excellent. We talked to him about future projects. He assured us that Fox could handle it. I now have them on speed dial as my "go to" plumbers.

Thank you for the wonderful review about James. We're always happy to hear about the great work that Fox Plumbing & Heating does for our friends, neighbors and family. And even happier to hear that we've been added to speed dial.

by Marilyn M Rollolazo on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I would definitely use Fox plumbing again. They were prompt and courteous. I felt our technician Jerrod was very professional and experienced.

Hello Marilyn and Rudy, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us!

Constant Professional

Conrad was a commensurate professional; cleanly, efficient, and well informed. He quickly assessed the situation (gas leak behind range)) and sprung into action, replacing the needed pipe and not being overly zealous in ripping things apart. My full review is also on Angie's List.

Hi James, thanks for leaving us a review here and on Angie's List. We always love to hear that our guys are both professional and respectful of your home.

by Tuan-Anh Nguyen on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service

Plumber was very punctual and did his work efficiently. Would definitely use their services again

Hi Tuan-Anh, thanks for letting us know about your experience with Fox Plumbing & Heating. We're always happy to hear that our friends and neighbors would like to use our services in the future.

by Binh Tran on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Furnace Repairs

The person was nice and efficient. He also made recommendations to replace our current furnace which was quite old. Would use the service again and recommend to others.

Hi Binh,
thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience with Fox Plumbing & Heating. And we're very grateful that you would be willing to recommend our services to others.

by Anh Tran on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Repairs from Fox

Danny was our guy and he was great! Super friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely use Fox again and recommend to others.

Hello Anh,
thank you for taking the time to tell us about Danny. We will certainly pass along the message to him about the service that he provided you, and we're always happy to hear that you had a great experience with Fox.

by Willis Eayrs on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Leaking Water Facet

Fox was able to get someone out to take care of the job on the same day that I called. The Service Technician arrived on time and completed the work in a timely manner to my complete satisfaction. I will certainly call on Fox again should the need arise..

Thank you for the kind words. We would be more than happy to help you again, should the need arise.

by Michael Reiss on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water Heater Repairs

Fox was able to get someone out to look at our water heater a few hours after I called, and they promptly fixed the issue and explained a few ways to prevent it in the future.

Thank you for leaving a review for us, we appreciate your time. Rusty The Fox!

by Jim Abbott on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I have used Fox several times over the years and their service has made me a steady customer. My latest small project was handled with their usual efficiency and to my complete satisfaction.

Thank you for choosing The Fox Jim!

by Harold Eley on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We use Fox for any problem I can't fix myself. I highly recommend them for the following reasons: They are always helpful to make an appointment that's convenient and prompt according to my needs. I get a much appreciated call prior to their arrival letting me know they are on the way or will be delayed. Techs are always prompt and courteous. They are professional at all times and helpful with advice. Thanks to Cat and James for this last service.

Thank you for taking a few moments to write a review, we appreciate your business!

Happy Customer

Had a PRV valve replaced. Plumber Conrad was friendly and knowledgeable and had job done in an hour. Would definitely do business with FOX again.

Thank you Vince, we think Konrad is great too. The Fox!

by Carol Carmichael on Fox Plumbing & Heating

This is a note of thanks for sending Danny Wilkinson to service my furnance today. He was very professional--calling to let me know his estimated arrival time, accurately troubleshooting the problem, and resolving the issue. He answered my questions and offered various solutions to address them. What a helpful, personable service call! Thank you. I'll be calling for an annual furnace checkup thanks to Danny.

We think Danny is super great too! Thank you for taking a few moments to leave a review for us. 🙂 The Fox!

by Jim Polus on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Kyle is the Best!!

Kyle is our go to guy from Fox. He does it right the first time. Our bill is always a fair amount. His suggestions always make sense and his explanations seem logical to a homeowner with a knowledge of plumbing that is at best, minimal. And, he is always here when we're told he'll be here. He gets five stars plus!!!

That is wonderful Jim, we think Kyle is the best too! Thank you for leaving a review. 🙂

Always Great Service

Jerrod was an absolute 10 when it comes to customer satisfaction! He was on time, I received a call in advance, but MORE importantly - he accurately diagnosed the issue. He was efficient in resolving the issue, he communicated clearly and helped me to understand the issues and the recommended fix. He was an ABSOLUTE professional, all the way through the service call.

I continue to call Fox Plumbing & Heating when I have an issue at any of my homes. That is because I know I will get quality plumbers like Jerrod, that consistently do a great job!

- Jerry H

Fox is always proud to offer exceptional customer service. Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know how we're doing and to continue using our services.

David N. Brown, Owner and President of Fox Plumbing & Heating

by Brenda Snell on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We have used Fox Plumbing & Heating for various projects over the years from toilets, sewer line, plumbing.... The last call was to help us with our kitchen faucet. Conrad came and was very helpful and efficient. They have always been honest with us, efficient, clean and just all around wonderful. Thank you!!!!

Hello Brenda, thank you for choosing us for plumbing needs. We think you are pretty wonderful too! 🙂

by Samrat Sarkar on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fast, efficient service

Was able to schedule servicing of both my tankless water heater and HVAC system to happen on the same day. Tankless guy was able to come and go earlier, and HVAC guy was able to get thru his thorough checks within an hour. Both mentioned that no servicing needed to be done on either device, but since the house buyers were insisting on it I needed them done to close the house sale.

Hello Samrat, thank you for writing such a wonderful review! The Fox 🙂

by Erin Reynolds on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Consistent good service

I became a dedicated Fox Plumbing customer a couple years ago when the pipes to our rental house finally become so old that the house was no longer getting water. This was an emergency situation so I talked to a few friends and one suggested a highly reputable plumber. I got a quote from that plumber and was told I could save a lot of money if I got someone to backhoe the ditch from the house to the street myself. Ha! I didn’t know where to begin. Next I called Fox plumbing. They came over right away and gave an estimate, which was cheaper than the first one, and even better… no backhoe necessary!! Fox Plumbing added the pipe along the existing line so there was no need for digging. The entire job was done in a few days and my tenants had water again. After that first experience, I’ve called them a couple more times for minor jobs. They always arrive on time and have great customer service.

HI Erin, we are so happy that you have chosen us for your plumbing needs. Thank you! 🙂

by Sandra, Todd on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Good Service

I've been a happy customer for over four years and have received excellent service. Really happy they now offer the AAA Service Agreement that takes care of an annual check of my furnace & air conditioner.

Hello Sandra! Thank you for writing a review for us, your satisfaction is our top priority. 🙂

by John Amory on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Broken Water Heater Replaced in 4 hours

I have to say I was thrilled with the service. My Fox plumber Dustin was on time, communicated well, and did a great job replacing my broken water heater in 4 hours from call to completion (3 hours on site), which was a huge relief, as my basement was starting to flood. As a result, I will recommend Fox to others.

John, thank you for writing a review. Duston is awesome and a huge asset to the fox team. Thank you for choosing Fox Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning!

Continued Great Service

Apparently it doesn't take much for my 15 y.o. furnace to "act up". Last year, Fox bailed me out on a cold winter's day when a switch needed its connection enabled again. This year, it decided to need help during the latter part of October...warmer than last year, but still cool at night. We had to wait for a part (circuit board) that was ordered, and as soon as it arrived in Seattle, so did my technician Danny. In less than an hour, my furnace was fired up and pumping heat throughout my home. Danny did a great job, was attentive to the time, showed up on time, called ahead, and even allowed me to ask simple questions as he worked to fix the issue. You bet I have Fox in my contact list/speed dial!!

Hi Jim, Thank you for taking a moment to leave a review. We think Danny is pretty awesome too! The Fox 🙂

by Todd Tuttle on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fox to the Rescue!!!

At the beginning of September, my 12 year old water heater began leaking in the garage. The leak was slow but it was unnerving thinking about a total failure resulting in a flood. I received three quotes to replace the water heater and it was more expensive than a normal water heater due to the fact that we have a hydronic heating system. I decided to go with another company even though Fox provided a same day quote. Long story short, the other company had to special order the water heater and it took four weeks to arrive. When it arrived, it was the wrong unit! Several more weeks went by while the store argued with the contractor regarding whether the unit was the correct unit (hint: my money is on the plumber as the expert, not the store). All the while I emptied a large tub of water collected from the leaking water heater twice a day. While the store and contractor were not fixing the water heater, we ran out of hot water. I called Fox a month and a half after they sent their quote and by 7:00 that evening, we had a new water heater! It took Fox 12 hours to accomplish what the other company couldn't accomplish in a month and a half. I won't make the mistake of going with another company the next time an emergency arises. Fox saved the day!!!

Todd, thank you for the kind review and it was great working with you! 🙂

by peter chung on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I called Fox at 1:00 pm for connecting our gas fire pit and Jerrod was out at our house within 21/2 hours. He was very professional and stay to make sure our fire pit was working. He was very professional and did a great job!

Hello Peter, thank you for taking the time to write a review. We strive to provide the best service possible and take our mission statement very seriously,“It is our sincere desire to give all of our customers premium service every time. Treat our customers like our friends and family, and plan on having a lifelong relationship with them.” The Fox team!

by Gregorio Rosas on Fox Plumbing & Heating
restaurant owner

kyle did a great job as well as coordinating with our company and with auto chlor, dishwashing company to resolved my floor drain under my dishwashing machine, not only our employees were very happy but my landlord and his parking tenant were very pleased because the leakage were taken care of by Fox Plumbing, again many thanks to kyle and kelley and your entire staff. we surely will call your service again!!! happy Greg at Ludis

Thank you for calling us for your plumbing needs Greg, we Ludis is pretty awesome too! The Fox!

by Kelly Kolbinett on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Living up to the reputation

Fox definitely lived up to their lofty reputation... The technicians called and showed up early and then diligently fixed the issue. Seriously AWESOME service! Thanks so much!

Thank you for taking the time to write a review Kelly, The Fox!

by Doris Ellis on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Rick was prompt on his arrival and efficient in checking out
our drainage problem. He arranged for further investigation
with a camera. That occurred on time as promised. We are waiting for the diagnosis and recommendations.
We appreciate how quickly we received attention for our

Thank you Doris, we appreciate you putting your trust into our company!

by Maryan Burke on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Shower Installation

Recently Chad removed my tub and installed a shower instead. In order to install it., Chad had to work against difficult conditions. He was able to find a way to solve many problems in order to complete the job.

Chad as a delight to have him work here. He was very competent and efficient. He finished the job in only 1 1/2 days and made it possible for us to remain in the home while he worked. He gets 10 stars from me.

Hi Maryan, thank you for your kind review for Chad and for choosing The Fox!

by JAMES VEITENGRUBER on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We had water hammering occurring whenever we flushed 2 of our 3 toilets. The 3rd toilet was new and did not do it. Chad diagnosed the problem as bad valves in the tanks of these old toilets. The parts were no longer available for those old toilets so he recommended replacing them. I ordered 2 new toilets from and they arrived Monday morning. I immediately called Fox to get them installed and they set me up for mid-day Tuesday. Chad arrived on time, removed the old toilets and installed the new toilets in about 1 1/2 hours. He really worked fast and hard to remove the old heavy one piece toilets, carry them down 14 steps, and complete the installation. Neither of these toilet installation locations were very accessible. He then cleaned up all the packaging from the new toilets and hauled everything, including the old toilets away. The water hammering problem is now gone. Chad's diagnosis of the problem and Fox's quick response to get the new toilets installed was great. This is the third or fourth time I've called Fox for plumbing problems and every time my experience with them was exceptional.

Hi James,
thanks for letting us know about the great job that Chad did. We'll be sure to tell him about the great job that he did. We're always happy to hear that Fox is your choice for plumbing needs.

Fox Plumbing & Heating

by Haris Sijamic on Fox Plumbing & Heating
HVAC as Promised

They texted me and emailed me prior to coming, they came on time, they did their job professionally, which was to inspect my gas furnace. I was charged fairly, $99 +tax. That's whats they promised over the phone. I'll definitely do business with them in the future.

Hi Haris,

Thanks for sending us in this review. We're always enjoy hearing that we met your expectations.

The Fox Team

by Gary Kilburg on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Booster Pump Shed - new pump and well line consolidation

Mike B. performed the work in our rebuilt booster pump shed. He installed a new booster pump effectively raising our PSI from ~30 PSI to near 80 PSI. In addition, Mike consolidated a maze of water lines (from prior shed) to a manageable space along the far wall of the rebuilt shed. Mike provided good service and we would use his expertise again.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review for Mike, we think he is pretty great too! The Fox 🙂

Knowledgeable service

This was my second experience using Fox Plumbing. James showed up on time, accessed the problem, made a few recommendations so that I could make an informed decision on whether to repair or replace the toilet. I appreciated his input and help, and was pleased with his professionalism and the work done. Would definitely call Fox Plumbing again.

James is a great member of our team. He even won employee of the month in May. Check it out here:

by CJ Saretto on Fox Plumbing & Heating
A+ Service On-Site & In-Office

I've come to trust FOX both for my home and my business. There's something about their people that just inspires confidence. You never feel like you're getting the run-around or fast sale with FOX. They have honest, trustworthy folks that are a pleasure to deal with and get the job done right.

This past week, FOX had to dig 8ft down on the side of my 110 year old home to spot repair the clay pipe sewer, install a cleanout, and run 75' of liner inside the main line. It's huge project with a hefty price tag. Fox's price was almost identical to their competition, but the difference showed immediately. The FOX technician was friendly and knowledgeable. He was with the job from cradle to grave. The sewer foreman and crew were great. They even hooked us up with camera videos via email. We had some complicated payment and invoicing requests, but the office staff handled it like a walk in the park. World class outfit all around.

Thanks FOX!

This what makes this job great. We love hearing these types of reviews of our employees. David B, our owner, has always explained that it is our character that defines a Fox Plumbing & Heating employee. Our desire to help our neighbors, friends and family in King County is what makes us. And we are proud to be the #1 Most Trust Plumbing & HVAC service professionals in Seattle and King County.

by Jeff Tindall on Fox Plumbing & Heating

The on call tech showed up late in the evening quickly and was extremely friendly and helpful. It was clear he was an advocate for me, the homeowner.

Thanks for writing to Fox. We're glad that we were able to help you, and we're always happy to look-out for you, the homeowner.

by Jeanette Sterling on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service

Anthony showed up on time, was polite and courteous and got the job done and was very nice.

Hi Jeanette,

Thanks for the great review on Anthony! We'll be sure to let him know that he did a great job.

The Crew at Fox Plumbing & Heating

Thanks to Dustin

I just want to thank Dustin M. for helping us out of a jam. We came home from vacation to a completely plugged bath tub. Dustin was there until 10:30 on a Friday evening to get it fixed. Despite the dead rats in the crawl space, and ancient brass tub fixtures, he was professional and cheerful throughout the process.

We'll definitely call on Dustin & Fox Plumbing again!

Hi Sibyl,

Thank you for letting us know how great of a job that Dustin did. We'll be sure to let him know how much he's appreciated.

by Fred Mock on Fox Plumbing & Heating

For the past 5 years, since we first used Fox, We have found them to be timely, pleasant and efficient. We have both a water heater and furnace and have been very happy with their annual service calls each fall. Wouldn't consider anyone else.

Thank you Fred, we appreciate your time. The Fox! 🙂

by Michael J Berge on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Rinnai Water Heater

The technician was very personable and approachable. I asked many questions while watching him diagnose and perform maintenance on my hot water / water heating system. He demonstrated full knowledge of a fairly complex system. I am a completely satisfied customer and would not hesitate to have Fox Plumbing out again if necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review! The Fox 🙂

by Barry Franklin on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Jarrod did a fine job yesterday, much appreciated

Thank you Barry! The Fox...

by Alma Michelsen on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service

I would like to compliment Chad and your company for the service I received on March 3, 2015 when a new hot water heater was installed. Before Chad started he went over all of the costs with me so I could tell him which one I wanted. Chad was very courteous and patient with me and my questions. He was good at explaining what he would be doing. I have told several people how satisfied I am with the work, and will be telling more. I will be calling Fox Plumbing & Heating for any work I might need done in the future, as I have done in the past few years. Great Job and Great Service!

by Alma Michelsen on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service 3/3/2015

I would like to compliment Chad and your company for the service I received on March 3, 2015 when a new hot water heater was installed. Before Chad started he went over all of the costs with me so I could tell him which one I wanted. Chad was very courteous and patient with me and my questions and he was good at explaining what he would be doing. I have told several people how satisfied I am with the work and I will be telling more. I will be calling Fox Plumbing and Heating for any work I might need to be done in the future, as I have done over the past few years. Great Service!

Thank you for the wonderful review Alma! The Fox 🙂

by Connie Cate on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fast, Friendly, Awesome

Fox is awesome (this is our second call this year). Anthony, our technician, arrived within an hour of calling in our issue. He had one of the issues fixed (replacing the toilet in our master bath) in a quick and efficient manner. Although I know we probably could have done the work ourselves, I feel confident and happy in our decision to let Anthony do the job. It's done and looks great! I will keep calling Fox with all our plumbing and heating issues!

Thank you Connie, we appreciate taking the time to write a review for us. The Fox!

by diane spangler on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I received excellent service from Fox Heating. The serviceman,Jeff, deserves special kudos. He did the job in 1 1/2 hours compared to the 4 hr quote I received. He also explained what happened and why not to keep adjusting the thermostat up and down ( just pick a temperature and leave it) I saved $60 on my electric bill for a partial billing cycle.

Thank you for the great review! 🙂

by Jim Abbott on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fox to the rescue!!

Bobby performed at replacing our toilet as a professional from his call to alert us to his scheduled arrival until departure a short time later having completed the job to our complete satisfaction. His talent is a credit to the profession and reflects well upon Fox P & H.

by Sean Quinn on Fox Plumbing & Heating

we would just like to issue a great deal of thanks to Ryan, who was our plumber today. He installed 4 faucets for us, and he did a great job with that. He acted very professional, and was happy to answer any questions we had, and afterwards, we had a wonderful discussion with him. He is a very kind-hearted guy, who deserves nothing but the best. We are thrilled to have had him in our home today. Thanks to Ryan, and Thanks to everyone at Fox!

Thank you for the awesome review! Ryan is a great technician and a great part of the team. Have a wonderful new year and thank you for taking the time to write a review!

by Kent Ramsey on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Best HVAC service in 25 years

Both of the guys were really nice. This is the first company in 25 years that have been consistent with the work that was needed.

by Heather Sage on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Exceptional Customer Service from Fox

Exceptional Customer Service from
Fox Plumbing & Heating

This is to acknowledge the extraordinary customer service I received while replacing my sewer and heating systems. These people went above and beyond any customer service I have had in a long time.

Ryan B., who was first on the scene.
Rick M., who helped assess the damage and walked me through quotes and options.
Chad R., for giving me real sales choices that I could feel good about making.

A very big thank you to the installation crew! They were outstanding.

Wyll and Brandon
Chad, Dillon and Jason
Kelly M., who took care of billing and scheduling quickly and flawlessly!

I had just replaced the sewer and heating system in my home at the same time. From beginning to the very end it was an amazing experience. I'm in the service and sales industry so I'm acutely aware of customer service. Both teams went above and beyond my expectations. The attention to detail, the respect they showed towards my home and my pets was just amazing. We had just gotten done replacing the windows and the roof, and three months prior to the sewer and heating. And we had had our bathroom torn-out and remodeled the year before. None of those experiences was even remotely easy. All three of them were very problematic, and I was inclined to believe that all big contracted services were a hassle. My entire experience with every single employee at Fox Plumbing & Heating was perfect.

After researching plumbing companies and receiving $20k quotes with no explanation, and charging for services that were not explained or mentioned prior, I was confused and desperate. I reached out to one of my clients who had heard that Fox was a reliable business. My plumber, Ryan B., was first on the scene. He was very honest and upfront about what was going to happen, what he was going to do, and how much everything would cost. He was patient and knowledgeable. He called Rick who was also very prompt and assessed the plumbing situation. They walked me through my options and gave me the help I needed to make decisions. The prices were fair and before you know it, Wyll and Brandon were replacing my sewer. I really can't say enough about them. They were professional and really cared about the job they were doing. Wyll and Brandon saved my landscaping, driveway and cement walls from all the excavating. Once again exceeding my expectations. Their follow-up after the plumbing was done was also exceptional. They put every little thing back where it was supposed to go and cleaned up everything afterward.

While all the plumbing was exploding, we had been researching replacing our ancient oil heater. I had already decided on another company that I liked. After meeting Chad, I knew that I would choose Fox to do the entire job. Their team also showed up on time, again treating my home and pets with sincere respect. Chad, Dillon, and James made sure they listened and installed everything where I wanted and made sure every detail was to my liking.

The power of word of mouth advertising reflects the quality of the company. I will recommend Fox Plumbing & Heating to anybody seeking out the services you provide.

Thank you once again for making the experience easy and actually fun. It was amazing.

Heather S. and family in Burien

This is a wonderful testimonial. We love to hear that our teams do a great job. We'll make sure to tell them during our crew meeting. Thank you, Heather. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

The Fox Plumbing & Heating Crew

by Dave Crown on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Helpful & Courteous Service

Mike S. came to the house for a service request and though it was a simple fix provided a worried home owner the peace of mind to rest at night knowing that leaking water was not going to come gushing out of the walls. Mike also took his time to complete the project and gave valuable advice and help for future remodel projects. He was very careful at all times to not track in mud or dirt.

Thank you for letting us know about Mike and the great job he did.

by Judy Buerkle on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Prompt service

Setting up an appointment the morning after I called was easy. The tech (Bobby) arrived before the expected window. I received an email but was told I would receive a call when the tech was on his way. He assessed the situation and searched for the parts so that the work could be completed same day. He was quiet and stayed busy and did all that was promised. I still find all plumbing work to be very expensive but that is across the board with all providers. There were no surprises and our bathroom is functioning again. Thank you, Fox!

Thank you for taking the time to write a review Judy, we appreciate your business and are genuinely happy you are back up and running again. Have a wonderful holiday! The Fox!

I have used Fox Plumbing for several jobs over the past 5-10 years as I have an older home. Their response time, commitment to resolving plumbing issues as well as to ensure that the problem is explained and understood by me leaves me to trust their work completely.

Thank you for trusting us with your plumbing over the years Nancy, and taking the time to write a review. The Fox!

by Christina on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Excellent and quick service! I had an emergency with my ware heater. Fox was able to send Kyle out within 2 hours. Kyle went through all of our options and was able to come in the next morning to install our new water heater. I was recommend Kyle and Fox plumbing again and again!

Thank you Christina! Kyle is an awesome tech, I'm glad we could get someone out there so quickly and thank you for taking the time to write a review. The Fox!

by Darlene Conley on Fox Plumbing & Heating
broken garbage disposal

I called Anthony at Fox to finish the installation of a toilet that I had purchased from them after a leak in my bathroom. Because I had to have the entire floor replaced, Fox had temporarily installed the toilet and told me that they would return after all of the floor work was completed to finish the permanent installation. After my floor leak, my garbage disposal broke down and I asked Anthony if he could replace the old garbage disposal with one that I purchased during the same appointment for the toilet installation.
Anthony called 10 minutes before he arrived and installed the toilet and installed the new garbage disposal. I was pleased that he did not try to sell me a more expensive one from their supply and used the machine that I purchased at Lowes. He also gave me important tips on how to extend the life of the new disposal.
I have insurance with Fox, so I was not charged for the first quarter hour and although the job was relatively expensive in my mind, it was still quite a bit cheaper than the installation fee that was advertised at Lowes.

Hi Darlene, thank you so much for taking the time to write a review on our website! We are glad we could save you money on another quality installation by Anthony, he always gives great customer service and has great skills. Please let us know if you have any questions in the future and thank you again for choosing The Fox!

by Rodney Martin on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Kyle and Fox was GREAT!

Kyle did a very good job, and I really appreciate that he gave me several different options. Thank you for getting my stuff fixed at a decent price. I didn't want to go back to Southwest, because I didn't trust them, but I know who I can call for an honest and quality service in the future.

Hi Rodney! Thank you so much for taking the time write a review, please let us know if you have any questions in the future...The team at The Fox!

by Suzanne Barker on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great service

I had a leak in an upstairs bathroom. Anthony came out and fixed the leak quickly and cleaned up after himself. He let me know when he would arrive and he was very prompt, I will continue to call Fox when I have plumbing issues.

Thank you Suzanne! Please do call us for any questions and thank you for choosing The Fox!

by Liz Bucklew on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Fox - fast and friendly

Fox Plumbing was fast. They got someone to my house within an hour of my request. Duston was professional and friendly. I appreciate his honesty and efficiency.
Next time I have a plumbing issue, I'm calling Fox Plumbing first. . .

Thank you Liz! You are our top priority and we appreciate you taking the time to write us a review. The Fox!

by Kenneth Groom on Fox Plumbing & Heating
My experience with Fox

This is the second time I have called on Fox for major work. In both cases I found Fox to be very professional in their work. They were always on time and extremely helpful in completing the work as proposed. I would highly recommend them to my friends.

Thank you so much Kenneth! We appreciate your taking the time to write a review, if you ever have any question please do not hesitate to call. 🙂

by Suzanne Barker on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Garbage disposal and toilet replacement

I had several plumbing problems I needed help with. My garbage disposal was rusted and leaking and a basement toilet was constantly running. James came out and did an amazing job. This is an older house with many quirks. He was able to work around them and still do an excellent job. He did such a great job that I will have him come out and do some more repairs. Thanks!

Hi Suzanne! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review for us. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email, and again Thank you!

The Fox!

by Christine Haselden on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water leak and Furnace Replacement

I had a leak within our walls and called Fox. They came out right away and repaired it, as well as some other minor problems. I then had them do an inspection and was able to do preventive maintenance to avoid similar situations in the future. Later I needed a new furnace, which was installed quickly and easily in one morning. I would recommend Fox to everyone - they are honest, reliable, friendly, and do great work.

Thanks for calling Fox Plumbing! We appreciate you leaving a review and hope to be your go to plumber in the future!

Thanks again,
The FOX Plumbing& Heating team

by Sue Louie on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water Leak

Thanks for coming out and fixing our problem so we have our water back on. Jose did a very good job. Would recommend your business to friends and family.

Thanks for leaving a review! It's always very nice to hear of our technicians like Jose doing a great job.

Thanks again,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Cecil Hughey on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Performed furnace inspection. Fast response. Knowledgeable service. Excellent price.

Thanks for the review! We are happy to hear of the satisfaction from our customers!

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Terry Tanneberg on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We called Fox Plumbing and Heating to repair a leaking toilet. It turned out the toilet was broken and needed to be replaced. James came out and did a very professional job not only replacing the toilet but, he ran into some difficulties with how the original toilet was installed and went way above the call of duty to make sure the new toilet was installed correctly. Additionally, James was very neat and tidy in providing us with the best service possible. I would highly recommend Fox Plumbing and especially James for his fine professional work.

Thank you for leaving a review! It's great to hear of James doing a fantastic job out in the field.

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by J. Callius Zaratkiewicz on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water Leak

Thank you so much for all your help. Your service was kind and courteous. I am very thankful for your knowledgeable and professional employee.


Thanks for the review! We appreciate the time you took to leave us a message.

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Shu-chu Wei on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Usable kitchen sink again

James came to clear our kitchen pipe and relieved us from the flooding problem of the kitchen sink. He was polite and did a wonderful job.

Thanks for the review! It's great to hear that James is doing a great job out in the field!

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Jin-tang Peng on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Flooded bathroom

Kyle responded to our call for help and he did a superb job not only fixing the problem but also ordering a special design to prevent the problem from happening again. He came back to put the part in when it arrived. We are pleased with his service.

Thanks for taking the time to leave the review! It's great to hear about our technicians doing great work out in the field.

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

Great Service!!!

Woke up to all my sinks backing up into my shower. "Yikes" Called Fox - they sent someone out within an hour. Bobby was very polite and professional. He diagnosed the issue quickly and explained my options and associated costs. Price was very reasonable for the amount of work that was done. Love Fox!!! Thank you Bobby!!

Thanks for leaving a review! It's great that Bobby could help with your clog and get everthing cleared up for you!

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Janet Johnson on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Excellent, prompt, polite service. Thank you.

Thanks for the review!

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Cynthia & Mike Minnick on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Nightmare finaly ends

We had bought a house in January of this year. This is a house that had been flipped so everything was all nice and pretty. I kept smelling an odor that seemed to fill my house. We had a home warranty that was purchased for the first year to fix anything that was wrong. We called 3 different plumbers to come and find out what the problem was. Each time you put in a work order with the warranty place they provide a work order. Then you wait for the contractor to contact you. You have to pay $60.00 for a trade call when they come out and this can take weeks. Each plumber that came out, we had asked them to go under the house into the crawl space and see if they can determine what the odor was. Each time they said they were too big to fit into the crawl space and would send someone else out to go into the crawl space. This never happened and I continued to complain about the smell.
I started researching plumbing companies and found the Fox Plumbing had 4.8 star rating. I called them and they made an appointment to come out. Since we both work, Fox worked with us to schedule a time that worked for us. Bobby Moses was our Service Technician. He was not only one of the nicest guy’s but he went done into the crawl space to determine what the problem was. The people that had flipped the house left all their construction debris under the house and Bobby could barely get to the pipe to see if it was leaking. This house was inspected by VA inspectors and they said (in writing) that there was no garbage in the crawl space. Bobby offered to take pictures for us. We then had to call in a sewage cleaning company to clean up the sewer leakage. Bobby said he would come back to fix the leak as soon as it was cleaned up along with the removal of the debris.
Very long story short, Bobby had to work with our home warranty people to get authorization to fix the leak. After he fixed the leak he found another one. Once again we had to contact the warranty people to once again to get approval to fix the other leak. Bobby not only called them for permission to fix the new leak, but was very patient and professional giving them all the answers they kept asking questions too. Warranty companies do not like to pay out. Bobby was here until 6:30PM getting everything done.
I will never go anywhere else for my plumbing issues. I’m sure all the technicians are great, but we will always ask for Bobby Moses, he ended a 7 month long nightmare. And we could not be more pleased.
I give them a 10 star rating.

Mike and Cynthia Minnick
Auburn, Washington

That is amazing! Thanks for review, I'm so glad we could resolve all these terrible problems you were having. Bobby also says "Thanks for the Iced tea!"

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Donna LeFevre on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Duston was right on time. He was quick to problem solve my plumbing issues and resolve them. He made sure the work areas were clean and neat when he left my home. I am very pleased.

Thank you for taking to time to leave a review. We appreciate your time and are pleased that you were satisfied with our services.

Thanks again!
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Kim Thompson on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Everything about my experience with Fox Plumbing was excellent...The receptionist was so nice & caring , someone I would like as a friend. She kindly made my appt for my day off. She called a bit before my service time to say he could come earlier (only if it was convenient). That is almost unheard of. The technician was right on time with a welcoming smile. He looked at the problem, gave me 2 options...without any high pressure sales! He fixed my problem fast and accurately. It's nice to have a great plumber I can count on. Thank you, Fox Plumbing!

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! It is great to hear from our customers.

Thanks again,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Darlene Conley on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Efficient & Quality Work

I was referred to Fox Plumbing after I called Gaspers Construction because my bathroom floor was bulging in spots and I suspected that there was water under the floor. I called Fox Plumbing near the end of the business day, but they answered my call and set up an appointment for the next morning with Anthony. Anthony called me 5 minutes before he arrived promptly at 9 a.m. He immediately discovered that there was water trapped under the bathroom floor and found that the water had leaked down to the laundry room in the basement. He removed a small section of the ceiling revealing the leak. He was able to give me an immediate estimate for the job and gave me the option of rebuilding my old toilet or installing a better model. He explained that rebuilding the old toilet was almost as expensive as installing a new model. He had the new toilet on the truck and installed it immediately and showed me the origin of the problem and how the old toilet had not been properly fitted. Because Fox Plumbing does not install flooring, he agreed to return after the flooring was repaired and re-install the toilet since I decided to purchase their 3 year service plan. Anthony was extremely friendly and professional and he took off his shoes at the door and totally cleaned the areas where he performed his work. He took the time to answer my questions about how the new toilet would work and explained what additional work would be needed to repair the damage that I been done to the floor and wood underneath. The entire job was finished by 11 a.m. I am very happy with the new model, which will not only save water, but is more efficient and durable. I would definitely recommend Fox to all of my friends and neighbors. Although the job was quite expensive, I feel that it was worth the price since FOX responded immediately to my problem and provided me with a quality product and guaranteed their work.

Thanks for the nice review! It's so nice to hear from our customers and we are glad that we could meet all your needs at this service call.

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by gautam mahtani on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Kyle did a great job. Thank you

Thank you for leaving a review! It's great to hear from our customer's about the great work our technicians are doing!

Thanks again,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Weng and Linda Gavino on Fox Plumbing & Heating

Dustin started at 6:15pm and completed the fix on our kitchen sink by 7:45. He's a real pro--set up the work area quickly, was orderly, made two runs with the plumbing snake and ensured was A-ok. Only downside was that the electrical snake was quite rusty that although he cleaned what was on the floor, we noticed the rusty dust/film actually spread on a third of the kitchen area. We had to clean up the rusty "residue" the next morning. Maybe regular maintenance on the equipment would have warranted the 5th star.

Thanks for the review! It's great to hear about our technicians out in the feild. I will mention the problems you've noted with the snake and have him resolve that.

Thanks again!
-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by mary saint clair on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We have used fox for 25 years, through2 homes 4 bath remodels/installations, and now to give us a new garbage disposal and sprayer. While a smaller job, the technitions were professional, timely courteous, and just plain pleasant.We will always use Fox.

by phil corrado on Fox Plumbing & Heating
New Furnace

Prompt, courteous, professional, quick service. Very happy! Thank you for the excellent work.

Thanks for the review!

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

Clogged Kitchen Sink

Great service from Fox Plumbing. Bobby + Chad came out and was nothing but friendly and helpful--my clogged kitchen drain was fixed in under an hour. Highly recommend these guys, they are very professional and efficient.

Thanks for the review! We love hearing about our great techs out in the field.

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Susan Longfellow on Fox Plumbing & Heating
I am a Fox Fan!

Five stars for Fox!!! Doug and his assistant arrived Wednesday, 7/30/14 to perform a clean-out service. They were professional, knowledgeable and first class credit to Fox. I will definitely call Fox for future services and recommend to friends and acquaintances your company. Many thanks!

Thanks for leaving such a positive review! It's always nice to hear how satisfied our customers are with our services.

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

Terrific service

Fox Plumbing has been my go to service for a few years.
This year I was fortunate to get the best service person yet, Bobby! He knows his stuff, is very professional and does a wonderful job. I trust him to do the right thing and to be honest with me. Thank you Bobby!

Thanks for leaving a review! We also think Bobby is doing a terrific job out in the field. Its great to hear from you!

-The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

Great service from Fox as always. 2nd time I had called, them, this time Bobby came out and was nothing but friendly and helpful--my broken facuet was fixed in under an hour. Highly recommend these guys, they are very professional and efficient.

Thanks for the review! We are so glad Bobby was able to help.

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Judy bing,,., on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Leaking sink

Fox plumbing was fast and very efficient in fixing the leak under the sink, replacing our 25 yr old faucet and garbage disposal. Although a bit pricey the work was perfect and done in superior speed. Thankyou Fox!

Thanks for the review! It's always nice to hear from our customers.

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Carol Kaiser on Fox Plumbing & Heating

I had leaks in the ceiling of the laundry room in my apt. building and water was all over the floor. I was very worried. Mike, the technician found where the leak was coming from and took care of the problem. He is my hero.
I would use Fox Plumbing again

Thanks for the review! It's nice to hear about our techs out in the field.

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Ida Harrington on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water heater

Had a nice young man find and fix the problem with my dripping water heater. Would recommend Fox plumbing and heating.

Thanks for the positive comment! It's so nice to hear that we were able to fix your plumbing issues.

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Sally Anderson on Fox Plumbing & Heating
nice work always

I've used Fox numerous times. Only once was there a problem and they promptly came out and fixed it. Have always been satisfied with their work and personnel.

Thanks for the review! It's always great to hear from our customers!

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Mari Anne Lambert on Fox Plumbing & Heating

The technician arrived on time and performed the work to my satisfaction - he was also very nice and polite.

Thank you for the positive comment! It's great to hear of our technicians representing FOX in a great way!

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Diane Shannon on Fox Plumbing & Heating

We had a very good experience with this company today.
They were on time ,thorough and polite. I would recommend them highly.

Thanks for leaving a review! We always love hearing from our customers.

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Martha Stuewig on Fox Plumbing & Heating
New Furnace

Well, it got cool enough to turn on my new furnace this AM. It was installed by Chad and Chris on 6/27/2014. It is working quieter and more efficient than my old one. High 5 to Chad who so patiently and kindly walked me through the selections and went over all the details. I found him professional and knowledgable. They came when promised and cleaned up everything before leaving. I was very impressed and Fox is on my list to call for any problems with plumbing and heating. Thank you, thank you

Thanks for the review. It's always nice to hear such a positive review.

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by steve colby on Fox Plumbing & Heating
excellent service

Bobby the technician was right on time. Went around with me to understand the work. Took a few minutes to write up and estimate. Once the estimate was completed explained the work involved and after approval got right to work. The kitchen faucet needed to be replaced and was old and rusted and an outside hose bib needed to be replaced. Was impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. Had a great smile and personality. Would have Bobby back any time to work on any plumbing job I would have.

Thanks for the review! It's great to hear of our technician's great work out in the field!

The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Daphine Klutz on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Service!

We had an issue with the water main from the City, but were told it was on our property's side. Thankfully we remembered Fox Plumbing (our neighbor used them recently & we saw their van). We gave them a call, and within an hour he was taking care of the problem. The technician was was very polite, friendly, and professional. We also had him fix our kitchen sink since he was here! The Fox business card the tech left is now on my fridge, ready to call for my next plumbing need (hopefully not soon). We will definitely use Fox Plumbing & Heating again.

Thanks for the review! We're so glad JP was able fix all of your plumbing needs. Your plumbing and heating business is always welcome at Fox.

Thanks for calling Fox,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

Courteous and Professional

Towards the end of my dinner party last night, my kitchen faucet started to leak uncontrollably.

My experience from start to finish with Fox Plumbing was very pleasant.

This morning I called Fox Plumbing and spoke with an extremely courteous customer service representative who scheduled service for me same day between 1pm and 3pm.

Thinking of my past experiences with technical services, I was skeptical that the technician would arrive at the scheduled time.

To my surprise, a very personable, considerate, and professional individual, Bobby, arrived and diagnosed the issue with my leak, provided me with a quote, performed the work, and smiled the majority of the time.

Bobby explained to me what the issues were, rather than dismissing me. He provided me with education and shared his knowledge of his profession. Bobby's interaction with me showed that he enjoys his work and is competent.

Fox Plumbing, thank you for your assistance and Bobby, thank you for your hard work.

We are so delighted that Bobby could come to your needs for the leak. Its great to hear from our customers, especially with a postive review!.

Thanks for calling,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Rachel Almeleh on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Great Fox Service

Service was courteous, timely, efficient, honest and professional

Thank you for the review. We appriciate your time and hope to hear from you in the future for any of your plumbing or heating needs.

Thank you,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

by Tim Murphy on Fox Plumbing & Heating
Crews bathroom

From first contact to job completion responses were excellent.
Technician (Bobby) took less than 10 minutes to asses the problem, and come up with a fix, even apprentice Matt got in on the action to finish things up, same day! All involved exceeded expectations. Truly outstanding company.

Thanks for the review! Its great to hear our technicians are doing an amazing job out in the field.

Thanks again,
The FOX Plumbing & Heating Team

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Jerrod was an absolute 10 when it comes to customer satisfaction! He was on time, I received a call in advance, but MORE importantly - he accurately diagnosed the issue. He was efficient in resolving the issue, he communicated clearly and helped me to understand the issues and the recommended fix. He was an ABSOLUTE professional, all the way through the service call.

I continue to call Fox Plumbing & Heating when I have an issue at any of my homes. That is because I know I will get quality plumbers like Jerrod, that consistently do a great job!

- Jerry H

Good afternoon! Just a quick note to say you’ve got a top notch employee in Chad Richardson. I contacted Fox Plumbing & Heating to get a second opinion on what I was told was an un-repairable furnace. Last night Chad had me back up and running in ten minutes after replacing the flame sensor! His great attitude and honest customer service fulfilled your mission statement, and will most definitely make me a repeat Fox customer. High fives to Chad and FoxPH!

- Mike A

Anthony was the tech on the job, he did a great job!

I will definitely recommend Fox plumbing to all my clients.  The job you all did was for one of my clients, the owners were not present, I have been charged with correcting all issues with the property before we go on the market.  This the type of thing I do for most of my clients, I pick which sub-contractors I feel comfortable using, you company just made my preferred vendor list.  For what it’s worth I do sell affair amount of real estate.  Instead of sending me $25.00 give it to Anthony, my thank you to a nice young man and an asset to your company.

Thanks again for a great job!!!

- Terry
Terry & Daphne Donovan
Real Estate Brokers
John L Scott Real Estate
Mercer Island

We just wanted to let you know that, once again, Fox Plumbing has come through for us!
Our old toilet finally started dying on us the end of last week, so we called your office and got a Monday late morning appt. By Sunday, we were refilling the tank by hand so the poor old thing could flush, so we were very happy when, on Monday morning, your office called and said, We can get someone there first thing this morning!
David A came to the house promptly and provided excellent service. He explained what he could do with the old toilet to revive it, but pointed out all the areas in which the toilet and the old plumbing were all failing. We had suspected that we'd need a new one, so we had some idea of what we wanted. David took the time to look at the online Toto catalog with us, and to explain how the various options worked on the new toilets. He had a model that could work in the truck, but let us decide; when we liked a different model, David made sure he could get it the same day, and did, returning promptly to get back to work.

During the installation, David saw that the old lead connection between the toilet and the stack was wearing out. He recommended replacing it soon, but did not pressure us. We also showed him a problem with the sink (cracked basin) and he talked with us about replacing it as well. I asked him for a price because we were open to that possibility, too.

David cleaned up and left us happy with our new toilet (the architect who helped with our remodel was very happy indeed to learn that we got a Toto, telling us that they were the best for flush and flow). Later that afternoon, David called back promptly with the numbers for replacing the lead connector and for a new sink. He also was ready with information on how we could combine the work for one set price, explaining how financing could be arranged. Again, no pressure, which pleased us.

We decided to do all the work at once, made an appointment for Friday, and are happy to say that not only was Friday's work performed efficiently, but David showed great patience with me for all my curious questions. Also, David demonstrated that he had truly listened to us by picking out a sink and a faucet that fit our needs perfectly.

Fox has always given us good service over the years, and last week's projects were no exception. We like our new toilet and we like our new kitchen sink and the new faucet. Please thank Dave and your scheduler for us!

Maggie & Susan - Seattle

We received excellent service on a very complicated sump pump installation. Mike was
always considerate of our comfort in terms of timing for the water to be turned off. He
was polite and gave us a feeling of his qualifications and reliability. He worked late and
even showed up on a Sunday to better serve us. He was on time every day and finished
on time.
We have always used Fox Plumbing and have always been satisfied.
Carolyn F./S. - Seattle

I had my waterline replaced today
On 10/5/11, Randy R., one of your Sales/Project Managers, provided us with an estimate for replacing our existing resident water line.
Randy scheduled the replacement for today, 10/12/11,
Today Randy along with Jose and Jesse came and completed the job and I provided them a check for $3998.94.
Randy/Jose/Jesse did "outstanding" job and I greatly appreciate their efforts.
When leaving, Jesse provided me with a "$25.00 "promotion flyer" and informed me that I could submit it by going to your website and completing "feedback".
When I tried to follow the instructions for completing the form on "your website", it "required my signing up/into Google" to complete the submittal.
For my own reasons, I don't sign up or for on any of these "Personal Data Gathers"
I then called your office and a "very polite" young lady, said she understood my concern, and provided your e-mail address and requested that I provide the information direct to you.
I hope that this will suffice,
The guys did a great job.
A very Happy Customer!!

- JM

I want to let you know how pleased I am with the response, service and courtesy the Fox dispatcher and plumber, Adrian, showed today. From the time I phoned in to when the job was completed was only several hours. Fox remodeled both bathrooms for us years ago and it's still satisfactory.

- Harry U.

A note to thank you for your help in my December emergency sewer backup, particularly Adrian and Mike P. They were both helpful and professional and got the installation and the backup taken care of as soon as possible. In addition, Mike came afterhours and talked with a couple of neighbors who later agreed to help offset the expenses.

- Cluf E.

I am writing to let you know how I feel about Rick M. and his associate, Jay-in my estimation are an asset to Fox Plumbing and Heating. People are quick to complain (me included), but not so quick to compliment. This time I am writing to compliment these two men and your company on the service I received February 21, 2006.
They were both very courteous and patient with me and my questions and were very good at explaining and showing me what needed to be done. When they were finished I was given a detailed receipt as to what work was done and the cost. This all is much appreciated. None of the above was done by a previous company I had used.
I have already told several people how satisfied I am with the work your men did and will in the future call Fox Plumbing and Heating for any plumbing work I need done and have already discussed with these two gentlemen some work that will be done in the future.

- Alma M.

I want to thank you for excellent service repairing a blocked sewer drain line last week. Mike showed up on time as promised. Did a careful evaluation, asked all the right questions, suggested a solution and made a reasonable price quote to proceed.
The problem was as he predicted. He guided me through necessary steps to prepare the site for work - fence rolled back, trees removed by an excellent service he recommended. We agreed on how much of a low deck had to be removed to gain access to the sewer line. The deck work was excellently done with beams and decking saved as much as possible. The project was completed faster than I expected. I returned home to find the site finished, filled and covered and appeared like nothing had ever been interrupted. Mike returned for payment and the price was as he quoted. I complimented him on a good job but felt that something else should be said to the company he works for-so this letter. I don't wish to need plumbing services, but living in a 97 year old house, maintenance work goes with that ownership. Except now I don't have to look in the Magnolia News or page through the Yellow Pages to find a plumbing company. I have found a very good one.

- George K.

Dear Dave:
Congratulations on your ability to hire and motivate a great team.
First, I called and Toni was very helpful in scheduling a near immediate appointment. Rick and I believe Jason or Jay came out "ON TIME" and inspected the work that needed to be done. Of course, work like this is never cheap, but it was reasonable and I decided to go with Fox and 'your guys' even though another firm was slightly cheaper. (People make the difference.)
Your guys are awesome. Fast, courteous, and all those other things.
I am a consultant and a Licensed Real Estate guy..I do business development and teach College locally. I am going to tell everyone I can that you have a great team and do a great job. Please extend my thanks to these two fine guys.

- Darrel H.

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is my pleasure to let you know of the professionalism of one of your technicians.
Matt, Fox Plumbing Technician, installed fixtures in our bathrooms yesterday and today. We would like to thank Matt for the fast and neat workmanship exhibited.
We have always called on Fox for our plumbing needs and it is good to know that we can depend on your technicians to be prompt and skillful. We would highly recommend Fox Plumbing to our friends and relatives should they require any plumbing needs.
Thank you.

- Sally H.

Dear Mr. Brown:
We recently had occasion to use the services of your plumbing company and were very impressed with your employee, Matt.
We found Matt to be prompt, dependable in every way, courteous and enthusiastic about his job. Each time we tried to get in touch with him, he would call us back immediately.
In fact, I heard my husband comment to him on the phone, "Gee Matt, what took you so long to call back. It's been 30 seconds!" We were also very pleased with the quality of his work. It seems like so much of the time these days quality of work can be inferior, but not Matt's. He also did not linger, but worked quickly and efficiently.
We feel he is an asset to your company and wanted you to know that we think you are very lucky to have him as an employee.

- Don M.

Dear David:
You most likely already know that your employee, Ed, is a great representative of your company. What an outstanding job he did for us.
Our water heater died. When one of your competitors came to put in a new one, he said our old one could not be removed without first pulling out our furnace. This was obviously a very expensive proposition.
Having heard about your company from my sister, I called. Your telephone person was so friendly and efficient and she scheduled Ed to come out the same day. He seemed eager to take on our challenging situation and said he'd get right to work on finding a water heater that would work. I assumed this would take some time, but he showed up this morning with Josh and they did the job.
I appreciated so much Ed's friendly, positive, can-do attitude. Josh seemed just the same. Congratulations go to you for great hiring and to them for great service.

- Sue B.

Wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the excellent service that Joe provided to me! He installed three toilets in my house. He had to deal with workmen who were putting in new hardwood floors and several pets. The toilets look great and he didn't mess up the brand new hard wood floors or tile! I would definitely use his services again. He was pleasant and right on time! He is an asset to your company!
Most Sincerely,

Susan B.

I just wanted to follow-up my phone call with an e-mail on how pleased we were with your technician, Rick. He showed up when expected, made recommendations on the best way to solve our problem, and made the repairs quickly. He was very polite and courteous, and presented himself in a very professional manner.
I found your company through a web site that had comments from previous customers. All of them were positive. I'll be adding mine to that site so that information about the great work of your employees gets spread as far as possible.

-Dan H.

Thank you for your work in fixing the bathroom plumbing drains. I am also grateful that you left no mess! That was as much a surprise as having working drains! Awesome!

- John H.

Personnel Manager:
This is the second time this year we have used your Company to repair our plumbing needs. We have been pleased with your Service Personnel and we want you to know that.
Today Josh found a troublesome leak and repaired it. He was friendly, professional and just great in explaining the process with us. You have a person who represents you very well and this is a real asset to you.

- Les F.


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