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God finally, we have finally found someone who cares about the work they do. In the last 60 days I have spent over $45,000 remodeling our master bedroom and master bath. We have hated every minute of it. We have had the worst contractors in the world. No one cares any more about the work they do. Or the bid they give you to get the job.

Then, the last straw, a pluming problem and we needed a plumber. Boy was I dreading this. I called Fox. They sent out a plumber named Bobby Moses. Bobby checked out our problem explained what was wrong, why it happened and what we needed to do. He then told me it was going to cost us $788.00. This would cover parts and labor. Bobby was going to have to drive to Seattle get the part and drive back to our home to replace the part. Well long story short, Bobby did everything he said he would do. He got the part and replaced the part with a new replacement. Checked out the system and everything worked just like he said it would. Best of all when he gave us the bill it was just as he said. Not a cent more than he told us and he was the most honest, pleasant just plain real person I have worked with in the last 2 years. It was so nice to have an honest person do what they said they would do, charge you what they said they were going to charge you. Trust me, last year I hired another plumbing company, you know the one. Where the guy is standing and waving at you out the back of the truck. Well they managed to charge me $1,300 to change a control valve on a shower that took them all of 20 minutes to change, and then told me, "We are not going to repair the 12 by 12 inch hole that we just cut in your wall because we are plumbers not sheet rock repairmen."

When I complained about the cost of the work they sent out the big boss. He wanted to tell me about how much it cost to pay insurance and buy gas plus pay these guys wages. Oh yeah he offered me $300 off my next job. Yeah right, I hope he is waiting by the phone for me to call.

Well enough of that. I am telling everyone that will read this, “I will never use any other plumber but FOX.” I want only people who care about the job they do and the people who are paying them to do it.


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Response: Thank you very much for the great review! We've also got a Facebook page that you can 'Like Us' on and see special deals and our blog posts. It's: But, we'll definitely tell Bobby how great of a job he did and cheer him during our next team training.

Sincere thanks,
David Brown, Owner of Fox Plumbing & Heating

J Tim Lehnherr,